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SUNFO is an organization committed to PEACE in its mission.

SUNFO has hosted, involved, organize many peace  activities, programs and initiatives. Some of the major actions are

  1. Promoting UN Decade of Building  a Culture of Peace & Non-violance for the Children of the World.
  2. Interfaith Harmony dialogues and conferences in all provinces in Sri Lanka
  3. Promoting “World Interfaith Harmony Declaration” 
  4. Peace Brigadier Programme
  5. Global Village f Building  a Culture of Peace & Non-violence
  6. “Journey of Friendship from South to North”
  7. Building an Eastern Alliance for World Peace
  8. South Asian Peace Youth Conference
  9. Peace rallies, marches and mobilizations


Protection of the Environment is one of the SUNFOs main concern. Organized various initiatives actions and mobilizations.

  1. Commemoration of World Environment Day
  2. Environmental Walk, Completion’s Assemblies
  3. Environmental Protection Bicycle Parades
  4. Beach Cleaning programs
  5. Tree planting programs
  6. Policy & Advocacy initiatives
  7. COP21 Mobilizations
  8.  Environmental trainings
  9. Awareness activities

Human Rights

SUNFO organized SriLanka’s first Human Rights Marathon in Colombo and second in Kandy  to commemorate “HUMAN Rights Day.

Trainings, networking’s, policy advocacy and representations  made by SUNFO in the field of Human Rights .

UN Days

Being an organization committed to promote UN Charter SUNFO  is organizing various programs, activities, events , completions to commemorate selected UN  Days and special observances,

“UN Day Calendar “ also a publication of SUNFO to make public awreness about UN  Days.


“SUNFO Children Congress”  is the arm of SUNFO for Children.

“SUNFO Southern Province Child Development Center” provides residential care and educational facilities  for school going age children need protection and support.

SUNFO  established the process of “Sustainable Development Goals Children’s Parliament of Sri Lanka” as a platform  to provide space to raise voice of children in policy level.


SUNFO focused Youth Development as one of its priority area.

First YOUTH PARLIAMENT OF SRI LANKA isan initiative of SUNFO and later handed over to continue by the National Youth Service Council.

SUNFO  firstly introduced the “International Youth Day to Sri Laka” by hosting a major ceremony and now it has become an annual event.

SUNFO promotes Youth Community Services  through “Global Youth Service Day.

SUNFO established “ Sustainable Development Goals Youth Network of Sri Lanka(SDGYNSL) in August, 2017.


SUNFO Women Congress is committed to empower women  wit the special focus of Gende Equality and Women issues.

SUNFO Commemorate annually “International Women’s Day” , which will extending actions throughout the year.

In March 2016  SUNFO facilitated to create “ SDG Women Platform of Sri Lanka”


Citizen are the SUNFO members  above the age 35,

SUNFO organized various  programs and activities including,

  1. Citizens Charter
  2. Peoples Summit on MDGs
  3. Capacity building of Civil Society Leaders.
  4. SDG Citizens Forum in 2015
  5. Commemorating  World Elders Day
  6. Social Development  actions.

Global Village

SUNFO initiated at he Global Village Programme  through Different activities

  1. In 2000 Hon. Speaker of the Parliament declare open Model Global Village of SUNFO.
  2. Commemoration of National Days/Freedom Days of friendly UN Member countries  were held different districts in Sri Lanka with the participation of relevant diplomats
  3. Building  a multicultural infrastructure facility  for “SUNFO Global Village” is now in planning stage.
  4. SUNF Global Federation links likeminded peole and organization in all 7 continents  in SUNFO Global Village.

Drug Control

SUNFO is very keen and actively involved in Drug Control whilebeing a member of variousWorld Federation’s in this field.

SUNFO built and operated a Center in side Welikada Prison, Colombo  specialy to assist Drug Victims among prison inmates.

SUNFO supported rehabilitation and guiding programs   too.

Various platforms in sia Regional and Global level SUNFO raised its voices against Drug related issues.

PWV’”Parama Weera Vibushanaya”

SUNFO value and honour Heroism being an organization founded  on May 22 which is the National Heroes Day” of Sri Lanka

Annually SUNFO  commemorates and honour PWV  heros and now planning for building “PWV  Memorial”.