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A LOGO is a symbol; and the Symbol conveys what it stands for to the beholder, The logo tries at its best to impart the vision of the SUNFO.

First to be focused in our minds is the world in which we are individually a part of a great living body, continuously kept in motion for its sustenance and in which a person who is specially endowed with an intellect, must for his/her own happy existence, learn and strive to give his/her share to this sustainer. Overshadowing is the Sun, without which there would be no life on earth and it shines forth in all its glory to give us warmth.

The two hands gripping one another, of different colours represent  the hands of all peoples are locked to one another never to be torn apart and imparts solidarity of purpose. The two olive branches set below is the universal symbol of peace. The ensign gives our identity.

Inaugural Declaration:

On this day the 22nd of May 1999, at the invitation of Dr.Baptist Croos FSC and Dr.Deshapriya S. Wijetunge, the inaugural meeting of the “Sri Lanka-United Nations Friendship “Organisation” take place, at the beauteous seaside resort of the Provincialate of the De La Salle Brothers, Mutwal, Colombo. We the members assemble to uphold the noble aims and objectives of the United Nations and of the SUNFO.

We hereby declare that:

(A). We subscribe to the principles, policies and the Declaration of the United Nations, motivating other peoples in the same direction;

(B). We will establish and promote friendly relationship and mutual understanding among the peoples of Sri Lanka, our Motherland and the peoples of the diverse nations;

(C) .We pledge to promote harmony, peace and non-violence thereby encouraging spiritual, social and economic progress of the peoples;

(D).We endeavor to create  an awareness among ourselves, as well as others,  of the human rights relating to children, youth, women and men among other matters, thus promoting human welfare.

(E). We respect and love Mother Nature that we inherited from our ancestors and we take all necessary steps to preserve and protect Mother Nature for the future generations.

May this Organization formed today, be a momentous symbol of a deep friendship between the peoples of Sri Lanka and the Nations of the world and be a gift by the peoples of the twentieth century to the peoples of the next millennium.

We pray this organization will make progress day by day, gaining strength and momentum, to serve mankind for a bounteous period.