• To develop friendly relationship and mutual understanding among Sri Lankans and the peoples of the Nations of the World.
  • To assist in educating the affiliated members and the general public about the United Nations organisation, its objectives, purposes, principles and programmes relating to the nations of the world, their geography, history, culture and way of life.
  • To motivate the communities at large to observe and live according to the principles of the United Nations.
  • To organize various activities and functions to celebrate UN special observances, international days of UN Member Nations.
  • To be a center for collection of data on inborn talents, issues, interests and culture of children, youth, elders, women and men and the promotion of activities, camps, counseling centers, leadership training, exhibitions, International exchange programmes, educational and vocational training, workshops, conferences, career guidance, intellectual, physical and other activities.
  • To implement social services and economic enterprises development projects in different field of interest involving children, youth women and men, labor rights, environmental and nature protection, family life and health, human rights and values, art and culture sports, physical culture and hobbies, science and technology, agriculture and food production, poverty alleviation and humanitarian assistance.
  • To establish cordial relationship with diplomatic Missions, UN organizations, other international organizations, resource persons, institutions which are able to provide guidance, assistance, grants, donations and facilities to initiate, conduct and develop activities, services, projects and programmes of the SUNFO.

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